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Experiencing the new Chennai Metro

First things, first: it hurts. As a Mumbaikar on the crowded (that's an understatement) Versova-Ghatkopar metro line, used to near asphyxiating crushes, the emptiness of the swanky new trains in the Chennai metro hurt the eyes. Also hurting was the idea that the metro connects the main two stations (Central and Egmore) and the Airport in one straight line, not like ours, which connects hell-on-earth (Andheri East) with the capital of emotionless, motionless suburban life (Ghatkopar), and is still asphyxiatingly crowded. Also hurting was the fact it connects to the suburban lines (which also hurt because they too, are uncrowded) seamlessly. Anyone who's tried to dash from Andheri Metro station to Andheri Suburban station will know what it takes to avoid the crowds of millers around who occupy the bridges with the passion of the #OccupyOakland movement. Then look at the map. Two interconnecting lines laid out neatly. In Tamil and English. Tamil ,machan, Tamil!

 And then look at …

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