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2020 will go down as perhaps the strangest year in all of human history. We are faced with a pandemic of proportions that have never been seen before. It is not only among the most infectious that we have known, but has killed people indiscriminately. Accompanied by a lack of correct information, governments are unprepared to take on its challenges, whether the matter of livelihoods, or the spreading of fake news on a gigantic scale, or the continuing lack of a cure or vaccine has led to an element of fear and paralysis. In such a time, we at Ioncure believe in the power of technology to keep us safe, and empower us to stay safe and go about our daily business.

Solve at Pandemic, is the 1st Device Based Engineering Solutions Project, by IonCure, to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This Project Includes, a series of Tech-Devices for the Global Mass, designed by IonCure, with the aim of "Making the Population Equipped to Fight the Virus Battle".

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