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Silence - an exchange

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Under the Lens again

Moonless night

My favourite pianist

sacred jaguar

An African baby's teeth

यादें रुकतीं नहीं

Happy Diwali

American Bombs

ख़लिश: एक गुफ़्तगू

Eternal haiku

Ink: an exchange

Trees and light: an exchange

An original joke in a long time

The Heart

A new feathered friend

Book Coming this November

It's a girl's world

Mendeleev's Original Periodic Table (in Italian)

Flight of the Blue Mormon

Prince Poppycock

Friendship Day

Rumi's Field

Hope and nostalgia

Kanha awaits Sudama

Qui je suis

लड़कियां और लड़के

Come, Krishna

Being Dravidian

Why I write


Nothingness: an exchange

Pebbles: An exchange

Human, Beast, You, Me: an exchange

Tom Sawyer, ADHD, ODD, CD

When the Sea Saved Humanity

Of Oranges and Lemons

Friendship Day

The Telegrapher OR How to build an Empire

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It was a dark and stormy night...

Death by a thousand distracting cuts

Variations on theme

The Tulu Script

GPS: Remapping our brains?

Is this funny?

The plural of spouse

Miss you, Puppysingh

Moustaches are sexy

Tyrannomyrmex rex

How do you punish a football team?

The Class Hero (written Bangalore, 22 March, 2006)

The Many Englishes

The eternal bosom of hot love

From Mushahid - एक कमी की तलाश कर

Baking a Frankencake