Giggle. Giggle. Giggling fit.

A thrill runs through to my bones. A word I used without second thought has acquired a life of its own.

I wrote about The Great Indian General Compartment. Mentioned about the rise and rise of English in Inda - the 'Englishification' of India. Then forgot all about it.

Cut to today. I'm googling 'republicarumia'. Come across this: The Rice University Neologisms Database.

Rice University is collecting neologisms. Matlab new words (or new usages for old). Mine is one of them.

The entry:-
Englishification n.
When one is speaking a language other than English, this is the modification of an English word to cause it to sound like a word in the language one is speaking or trying to speak. Formed by blending.
"Donde esta la remota (television remote)? That's called Englishification." -My sister, on Sat Jan 1, 2000
Often Englishification is used when one cannot remember the correct word for the noun or object they are trying to say in that particular language. This term is also used to describe the influence of the English language on other foreign dialects and cultures. “Of course, India's newly rising international chhavi is partly because of English fluency, and I wonder whether that is leading to further "Englishification" of India”. Word with similar meaning: Spanglish (when Spanish is the main language being spoken).

Mahabore. Boradhibore! Who is wanting read dictionary? What glory in a dictionary citation? Aila!

But I? I thrilled. I actually created a meaning where there was none!

Well, atleast I'm the guy being cited (Hee! Hee!) as the authoritative example for usage. Grin, Grin!

Sanity over now. Self-congratulatory giggling fit descending on me.

Giggle. Giggle. Giggle....


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