This is Science, too!

This week, from the world of labcoats, forceps and retort:-

  • A submarine probing life at the bottom of the ocean was subjected to a brutal attack by an octopus. Scientists attribute it to ageing:-
    "Old octopuses become what we call senescent, or senile... and sometimes their actions are very inappropriate."
    Jim Cosgrove, Royal British Columbia Museum

  • That's not ageing. Believe me, that's an anti-American Octopusic Fundamentalist opposed to Freedom and Democracy.

  • The London Planetarium will now present the kind of stars folk really wanna see, and not some obscure objects in the nightsky that a bunch of crazy astronomers get obsessed about.
    "Please note that from now on, Orion's Belt will be replaced by Chantelle's Thong."

  • Do we get to see the Paris Hilton video there?

  • Leah Whigham of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, now reports that its a virus, and not Fritolays that causes obesity. Of course, that's true only for chickens, not humans.
    "You cannot ethically... infect humans and see if they get fat.", she says.

  • What did we get Guantanamo Bay rigged up for, then?

    Sources: CBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph

  • Nature reports that Russia's state-owned space company says that the nation plans to establish a Moon base and mine lunar helium-3 as a fuel for fusion reactors.

  • So like, you're getting genuine moonlight when you switch a bulb in Russia! And for a fact, the moon gives off reflected sunlight, so Russian moonlight's actually better than the real thing!

Nature, 9 February, 2006


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