This is Science, Too!

This week, from the world of labcoats, forceps and retort:-

  • The Brits have issued official warnings that eating haggis a little over the top is a little fattening for kids.

    The Scots protest an insult to their national dish:-
    "No harm can possibly come out of eating good haggis."
    Scottish butcher.

  • (Sources: BBC)
    That goes for dum biriyani, butter chicken, Manchurian...okay, mebbe some indigestion, love handles...

  • NASA's sending a space suit equipped with batteries and a radio transmitter out of the International Space Station. It wants Ham radio operators to track the 'SuitSat'.

  • Waiting for 'BikiSat'. Preferably with Halle Berry in it.
    On the other hand, I know what to do with that stinky undie. When's the next shuttle out?

  • Nature says a professor whose membership of the US National Socialist Movement got him fired from his university post claims he joined the Nazis as a research project to understand the mentality of white supremacists.

  • You think that's a good ruse to get those lefties off JNU?

  • Chinese officials last week unveiled a plan for an aerial photographic survey to measure the Great Wall.

    6,300 km is the length of the wall according to Ming dynasty historical documents.
    7,000 km is its length according to local surveys last century.
    US$25 million is the price tag for the new survey.

  • There's an Italian mayor who could put that money to better use. He's offering a lot of things free in his city for that perfect 36-24-36.


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