Fair = Handsome?

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South Indians have a massive penchant for fairness. They absolutely love fair heroines. South Indian men prefer fair wives, and fairness is their chief criterion for selecting girls. It is not second even to dowry size, though the latter is distinctly more profitable.

South Indians also have a massive affinity for mustachios. They like thick oiled ones, that stand out as ferocious symbols of their virility. Being without a mustachio is considered a sign of effeminate weakness in a man, a sign that he is not capable of honourable manly work. Unlike many northeners and urbanites, South Indians have not adopted the deplorable practice of the Curzon cut.

South Indian men are also dark. Not as dark as the Africans or First Australians, but they come to a close approximation. But they don't like being dark. They want to be fair like their European and American brethren. That is because they are led to believe that being fair means being handsome. So they buy creams and put them on their face, hoping to become paler versions of themselves.

I'm wondering whether big mustachios go with fair skin. I tried an experiment - I took pictures of two South Indian men with good mustachios, and tried to see whether they look better with dark or light complexions. The results are there for you to see.

I think that darker skin goes better with the mustachio, as the person looks really formidable. A strong-willed, determined man who has his thing done. A kingly persona, to whose powerful image women are attracted to. With fair skin, some of that machismo looks washed out. He doesn't look as manly as he could be. Now which of these two personalities is more handsome?

Better be dark-skinned and big-mustachioed I say. That sends out a clear message - that he is not a man to be trifled with. Handsome in a manly way. Not a fair-skinned, clean shaven wimp, who can attract women only be seduction when their men are away.

But who will listen to me? The age of big mustachios and strong men is going away. Who wants to work with his hands in the fields under the unforgiving sun, when he can sit in an A/C office and type things on a computer? Who will daily comb and oil and twirl his moustache, when a few flicks of a razor will make him 'handsome'?

Do you not agree?


ElizaG said…
Hey- I would actually prefer guys with no moustaches at all; I dont really fancy the big fat oiled ones that you talked about. But anyways! Thats just me. Also, I found the stuff you talked about on the fair skin obsession in South Indian really interesting- Im actually doing my year 12 major work on it and I would like to be able to get as much input from different people as I could, so it would be really really great if you could visit my blog
and leave a comment, so I can use it as my primary research.
Ozymandias said…
A friend of mine has this to say:-

Your blog did not let me leave an anonymous comment - and STUPIDLY
insisted that I need a blogger-ID... so here's the comment:

:) To look good, a guy has to be HANDSOME in the first place, with a mush or without!!! There are quite a few, some dark and some others fair, who look great whether they sport facial hair or do not!!!

[I don't allow anonymous comments on my blog, as I get flooded with spams suggesting I buy Viagra or software, or help an African dictator's kin recover money or enlarge my penis.]

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