Moses put out ten commandments given to him by God, most undermined in later times by the Indulgences given to European aristocracy by medieval Popes. Now President Hu Jintao of China has come up with his set of eight commandments (in line with the Buddha's eightfold path). Called the "Eight Glories and Eight Disgraces", they are to be taught to all Chinese children:-

• Love the motherland, do not harm it.

• Serve the people, don’t disserve them.

• Uphold science; don’t be ignorant and unenlightened.

• Work hard; don’t be lazy.

• Be united and help each other; don’t gain benefits at the expense of others.

• Be honest and trustworthy, don’t profiteer at the expense of your values.

• Be disciplined and law-abiding instead of chaotic and lawless.

• Know plain living and hard struggle, do not wallow in luxuries and pleasures.

I'm converting to this newfangled religion. Are you?


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