Angry rant

My name is Raamesh Gowri Raghavan.
I am 26 years old.
I live in Patanjali hostel, TIFR, Colaba.

I have a house in Thane.
My father and mother and sister live there.
My father is a trader.
He retired from the army.
My mother is a housewife.
My sister is a psychologist.

Our dog's name is Puppysingh.
He is a very smart retriever.
I taught him many tricks.

I am doing my PhD in TIFR.
I was a JRF in Pune earlier.
I did my MSc in Biology.
I did my BSc in Microbiology.
I want to become a scientist and a writer.

My hobbies are reading and cycling.
I like collecting stamps and coins.
I like little fruitflies.
And snakes and spiders and ants.

I like writing poetry.
I like writing short stories.
I make up original plots.
I like to write in my own style.
I write about many things.
I do not write about Malgudi.



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