Table for three

“Your kajal! Ah ah! It pierces my heart directly!” Karan was at his best.
“Shut up” said Krishna, “don’t give me such filmi dialogues.”
“And your bindi. Milady, it sets my soul afire.”
“Carry on. I know I cannot stop you. But what if Arjun comes?”
“If you haven’t noticed, he is sitting right behind.”

Krishna stood up with a start, but on noticing Arjun’s Aamir Khan-esque hairstyle beyond Karan, sat down quickly.
“He’s following us everywhere. Doesn’t he have anything better to do?” she whispered.
“Why should he not follow you? He’s your boyfriend after all!” smirked Karan.

Arjun sat as quietly as possibly, hoping as far as he could that they hadn’t noticed him. He was not going to let them get away with it. Flirting with each other so flagrantly. He was waiting for the right moment to catch them.

Karan took Krishna’s hands in his own. He clutched them tightly and leaned forward.
“Promise me, you’ll not go back to him again.”
“Why should I promise? You know that there is nothing left between me and him!”
This she said with a look of disgust on her face, directed at the invisible (from her seat) Arjun.
“Karan, Let’s go away. You resign your job and take up the Pune offer. I think we can manage decently there.”

“Gotcha!” Arjun leaped from his seat and grabbed Karan's collar. “You’re not going anywhere!.”
“Leave him!” Krishna yelled. “Look here Arjun, I don’t love you anymore. You’re a boring old fart, that’s what you are. It’s Karan I like.”
“My own betray me so” he growled.
“Get lost. Karan and I are going to Pune to start a new life. I have nothing more to do with you.”
“Nor have I. Everything khattamshud.” Arjun retorted. “It’s Karan I want to talk to.”

He removed his hands from Karan’s collar and grasped his hands instead.
“Krishna can go wherever she likes. But I won't let you go, Karan.” Arjun pleaded.

“Eeek!" Krishna yelled. "How could you, Arjun. After all this time!”
“Shut up, Krishna. Your imagination's over the top as usual.” He turned to Karan.
“Look here, if you want Krishna, you can have her. You don't have to run away to Pune to escape me. You are my best employee. I’ll double your salary if you want. If my company is running it is because of you. If you leave it will be a disaster. Please stay back!”


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