Osmosis in Postcolonial Superstring Vibration Theory: A Critical Analysis

Second place in the S&C contest

Failly et al. (1997) suggest that the vibrations of alpha tectonic strings in a viscous microtubular phase space of Spaetzle dimensions, theta osmosis might be suggested as the rate limiting step. Their conclusions are however at odds with multicultural concatenation of scalloped crystals, which demonstrates their conclusions to be in error. In order to reconcile the two, we suggest that antediluvian resonance parameters for hemi-magnetic bars must be altered. To do this, we have made carefully nuclear measurements of eukaryotic side-chain properties of scalloped colorimetric crystals using the Achaete-Scute radiation ELISA spectrometer at the Bowman-Sanders NMR facility. We find that alpha and gamma tensors in the parameter space remain unaltered, but the beta tensor undergoes a translation stop and converts to a commutating string instead. This of course means that the measurements of Failly et al. are in error. That can be explained without difficulty, since the Edelweissman-Washington doppelganging sonicator does not provide measurements in the eighteenth dimension, and therefore the state of the apterous tensor remains indeterminate. Their hypothesis is in obvious error since.

In addition, we report that the state of omega tensors in the Bayesian parameter space need determination, because the beta tensor translation stop requires the activation of a janus kinase downstream of ring stabilisation. This requires technological advancement, and the commendable paper of Rabelais et al. (2001) must be recommended. Their use of the rotations of Blarnik-Sebastain-Sathyanarayanamurthy gravity-altered densitons to measure the psammetic phthisis in vertical superstrings in a globular TYM-barrel domain of periodic Atmaram-Spaetzle fluctuations might be suggested. Of course, then the literary criticism of Drrrida-esque subaltern diaspora, as modified by the Bhabha-Strcypknsky theorem must be invoked. To do this, we have made use of the third derivative of the Loba-Loba-Gop equation, solved by the quasi-judicial entrepreneurial equation of Amaghmare-Quetzalcoatl. Using the numerical Newton-Raphson method, we find that the Angostura parameter turns out to be 67.456733 KHz/m, which being different by 0.000001 from the values obtained by Ryszard (2004), corrects the error of Failly et al.

Thus the correct explanation for the vibrations of alpha tectonic strings in a viscous microtubular phase space of Spaetzle dimensions is based not on theta osmosis but on synaptic vesicle reuptake channel-based qaurtenary upsilon osmosis.


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