What is the 'Raamesh touch'?

For the last few writings of mine, I have received one particular feedback - that they seem to lack the 'Raamesh touch'. That, above all things, has left me completely stumped. What, under the sun, is the 'Raamesh touch'?

I know many writers have their signatures across their range of work - so you can see a few pages torn from a book and say "Aha! This is Kipling". I don't know how good or bad that is in terms of literary value, although one can use it to attest authorship in cases of uncertainty.

I don't have any idea that there is such a signature to my output, nor am I sure I want one. I write to experiment with all sorts of stuff, though I must admit I am something of a minimalist. I avoid lengthy descriptions (why handcuff the reader's imagination?), or subplots or layering, so that my story is told without misunderstanding, but beyond that, is there anything? Or is that the so-called 'Raamesh touch'?

And if it is, am I well-advised or ill-advised to stick to it? And that's a question not just for me, but any writer. It is the European Union Question - expand, or deepen?

Stick to something you're good at and do everything that way


Try all sorts of things and not get labelled one way or the other?

So what do I do?


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