Fwd: One light for Burma

This  Diwali, when you light lamps for prosperity, please remember our south-eastern neighbours who still live in Darkness. In September, millions of Burmese citizens, led by non-violent Buddhist monks, protested against the tyrannical rule of the Burmese Army. Yet, when soldiers were beating and shooting at the revered monks, our ministers were in the Burmese capital, cutting million-dollar oil deals with the reigning Generals.

It is unconscionable, however pragmatic our interests, that the world's largest and fastest growing democracy should be so callous. In September, soldiers were beating monks in Burma. Today, soldiers are beating lawyers in Pakistan. Tomorrow, they will beat us in India, if we keep silence. Please let us show our solidarity for the Burmese and humanity. Let us tell our government that we care for our rights to freedom more than our rights to oil.

On Diwali night, please remember to light a candle for the Burmese. On your south-east window or wall, please light just one candle to burn into the night, as an austere remembrance for the fellow-humans who fell in the pursuit of the freedoms we take for granted. One candle only - for Aung San Suu Kyi, for the Burmese monks, and for the Burmese citizens. One candle to tell the government that, we, the people of India, still have a conscience.

One candle by each of us is more than a billion candles by our entire nation. Let the collective light of that show our government the way. Let it tell the people of Burma that the people of India stand by them.

If you care enough, please also tell all your friends and loved ones.

Remember, tomorrow those soldiers might come for us.
Yours truly,
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan

Creo que he vista una luz
al otro lado del río.

Yours truly,
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan, M.S.(I.I.Sc.), B.Sc. (Mumbai)

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Anonymous said…
Bedaurinde mi ne regas la anglanlingvon, sed char vi komprenas Esperanton mi sendas al vi plej amikajn salutojn el Kroatio!

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