"What about the necklace?"
"That I'll keep. You keep
the earrings. I've got many."
"What about Gowri?"
""We'll give her mother's two bangles."
"That's done it then."
"Jaya keeps the other chain."
"I'll take mother's green silk saree.
I don't have green."
"And I'll keep the deep blue.
Mother promised Jaya the red zari
saree. She'll make a fuss over it."
"We'll have to get the children
used to this now, you know.
They're rather fond of their
"Yes. I'm going to miss
her pomegranate halwa."

"I can still make some.
I am not dead yet,
though you seek to partition
my belongings while
I am still alive.
This frail body that clings
to walls as it walks,
was the same that crossed
a subcontinent to deliver
your child, you forget that?
Just because its expenses now
are some medicines and
a tumbler of Horlicks;
will you prise of the jewellery
from this body, waiting
for it to fall lifeless?
Rehearse my death,
Will you?"


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