I did a good deed today

I saved a little crow today (not the one in the picture, though).

She (an animal is default she unless proven he; females outlive males in most species) had fallen from her nest outside our office. The nest was at second-floor level, on a thin branch, so it was impossible to put her back.

To make things worse, her parents were circling around her all the time, attacking anyone who went near her. Which meant no one could go near her and put her in a comfortable box.

I called the animal rescue NGO Bahena at Mulund, whose number I happened to have, and they guided me on to Karuna. I had to lie to them that we put the crowlet (The young of an owl is an owlet, the young of an eagle an eaglet; so that of a crow should be a crowlet) in a box.

Anyway, happily one Mr. Prakash arrived from Karuna. We managed to get her into his basket, after fending off her anxious and watchful parents, who attacked us twice or thrice. Anyway, I gave the man Rs. 100 in donation for organisation, and he promised to mail a receipt.

I hope the bird is safe. But I learnt one thing about animal behaviour - even animals worry, even they cannot do anything about it. I'm going to forgive every human I know whom I have scolded for worrying about things they have no power over. It's not just human nature, it's imprinted where it really counts - our genes.


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