Th' incredible adventures ay Mr. Murli Mohan Tiwari

The adventure ay th' tint professor

Inspectur M K Khan ay th' CBI hud a new assignment – tae track doon th' famoos ecologist Prof. Madhav Gadgil. Prof. Gadgil was lest seen tois months ago in th' forests ay Bastar, whaur he was daein' research fieldwork oan raur herbs. Suddenly a body day aw communication wi' heem ceased. Th' jungles ay bastar waur dense an' inhabited by hostile gond tribes. An' noo inspectur khan was detailed tae track heem doon.

He landed in jagdalpur, capital ay Bastar. Th' local polis was clueless as tae hoo tae proceed wi' th' mission. But they kent a body bodie fa coods help – Mr. Murli Mohan Tiwari, aka Mr. MMT. It was legendary 'at he kent everybody worth knowin'. If anyain coods help, it was heem.

He kent whaur tae begin. He pulled it his diary an' quickly dialled puckle numbers, 'spikin in a strange leid. He informed Inspectur Khan 'at Prof. Gadgil was stayin' wi' Motiram Lingal, chief ay th' Raj Gond tribe. Inspectur Khan is stunned. They decided tae gang tae th' Raj Gond village. Mr. MMT called heem, an' arrangements waur gart.

They reached at nicht, an' waur pit up in th' village skale. Th' next morn, they went tae th' chief's hoose tae meit th' prof. However, men cam runnin' frae th' jungle sayin' 'at a raidin' bain ay th' rival Dorla Gonds hud kidnapped th' professur.

Mr. MMT pulls it his phain an' calls Mahadeo Jangam, th' chief ay th' Dorla Gonds. He agrees tae release th' professur, if Inspectur Khan woods come tae claeem heem. They travel tae th' Dorla Gond territory.

It is nicht by th' time they reach, sae they spend th' nicht in a mud hut. In th' morn, as they gang tae meit th' professur, bark arri'es 'at he has bin taken hostage by th' Muria Gonds. Again Mr. MMT calls th' chief, Jambhuram Dangal, an' secures release. They travel tae th' Muria Gond village, whaur they hae tae spend th' nicht in a cae.

But th' professur isnae thaur tay. He has escaped intae th' densest part ay th' jungle, whaur th' dreaded Madia Gonds bide. They ur an uncivilised, primitife tribe. Waur, they hae nae ceel phones. Hoo diz a body contact th' professur noo?

Then Mr. MMT spots a pair ay unused drums, covered in foliage. He removes them an' beats them. He is Mr. MMT an' wants tae spick tae his mukker, Khanku Gangam, th' Madia Gond chief. Drums beat frae th' deep jungle in reply, greetin' Mr. MMT. Soon Madia Gond men arrife tae escort Mr. MMT an' Inspectur Khan tae th' Madia Gond village, whaur they ur pit up in tree-top hooses. Th' next day they finally meit Prof. Gadgil, fa is collectin' herbs an' seems huir uv a canty. He recognises Mr. MMT immediately, an' rushes tae embrace heem.


samudrika said…
Is this inspired by "sea of poppies"? The tone of this with several passages from that book is quite similar.
Ozymandias said…
No! It isn't, because I haven't read Sea of Poppies (but will add it to my list). it was just an attempt at writing in the Scots dialect; the story is entirely original!

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