“You know, its time one gets along.”
“There's always time for another coffee.”
“You've had two already.”
“One more won't hurt.”
“This coffee's blech. We'll get better coffee there.”
“No way. This coffee's great.”
“”Don't tell me. It's muddy water, that's what it is.”
“That's what the coffee is like there.”
“Oh come on! Don't kid me. This coffee is nothing like the stuff there.”
“Ha! Why won't you say so. They give you the good coffee, and us the bad.”
“Why would they do that? That place exists for you, remember!”
“What a great joke! Perhaps I should laugh. Ha Ha Ha!”
“You know, you shouldn't make fun of the place that's going to be your home.”
“For the next seven years, and rigorous, too! I know, I know.”
“Well, maybe another coffee. It's your last, as a free man. Maybe that makes all the difference to you.”


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