Long Time No see

I think this might be more in the doggerel line:-

Long time no see not to be seen
Arre my good friend where you been?
Calling in office calling in home
Without no telling where you roam?

Aiyo, Here he comes! What do I do?
How do I tell him that I have been
Avoiding the very sight of you?
And hell! I cannot even be mean!

What you doing nowadays bhai?
You will say been busy, I know.
But never busy for cutting chai
It good for you I telling so.

How do I tell him I hate cutting tea
And the waste of time that it entails?
The office brew's good enough for me
But let's not go into the details.

Went to college together, man
And doing job in office nearby
But catching you I never can
Why avoiding me, tell me why?

Should I really tell him what I think
Of his manners and his behaviour?
That I'm the one paying for his drink,
Ever since the days of St. Xavier?

Do I tell him I don't like it when
He mooches money on this or that
Silly pretext and then asks again,
But never returns any, the rat!

Should I tell him about all the bad
Jokes he cracks and expects all to laugh
When in truth they drive me raving mad
And make me want to cut him in half?

Arre chal bhai what you think?
Take rest from hectic hectic work
Just one cutting chai you drink
You feeling the fresh like young Turk!

This stale story will keep going on
And like me you must be getting bored.
So before you try to snuff a yawn
Let's end this whine on a good accord.


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