Truth: An exchange

Mist lifts gently to
reveal hidden shallowness.
truth loves wearing masks.
- me

Mask upon mask I
keep peeling: not a faint hue
of truth emerges.
- Max

Floating in the mist
is an art. O! for a kind
mask when truth turns ugly.
- Alaka

We all dance around
- as if possessed - truth sits in
the middle and grins.
- Max

Truth untruth half-truth
like colliding galaxies
pass through each other.
- Max

Truth is a clown, don-
ning masks of perception, facts
playing hide and seek.
- Alaka

Facts are but imps, wea-
ring solemn masks, and Truth is
a clown's mischief.
- Balakrishnan


ys said…
Hmmm this is getting interesting with more writers contributing :). Will be a task to keep track of who said what if the numbers increase though - but it will be nice even then!
truth is all there is
flowing through all there is

the mask is as much truth
as is the masked!

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