Spring Fever

I have seen her growing
from a sapling
to a giant banyan tree.
In her branches,
she nests many lives.
In her roots,
she grows clusters of dreams.
- Nuzhat

As the cuckoo calls,
supramolecules of sheer
thrill float in my veins.
- Max

Clusters of red
spring blossom.
Fresh dreams sparkle
in the vermillion streak
of a newly wedded bride.
- Nuzhat

Magpie-robins in
a garden full of colours.
Simple contrasts please.
- me

Magpie-robin atop
a cable wire. Monarch
of all he surveys.
- Alaka

The silver lining
has a tendency to make
one forget the cloud.
- me

Denser the cloud -
rarer the sliver lining.
Wind knocks us about.
- Max

Blob of sun gold in
the tree - an oriole or
mangoes ripening?
- Alaka

Birds, bats, boys and rats
raid the fruiting jamun tree.
True joy blesses all.
- me

Stealing mangoes was
enthralling, though the farmer whipped
boys caught red handed.
- Max

Thick mango juice
flowing down the neck numbs the
pain of the farmer's stick.
- me

My psyche is a clear
sky, which allows milling hues
to unfurl gaily.
- Max

White Bougainvillea
bract floats down gently like a
gem, it's use over.
- me

My veins are a throbbing.
I feel the pulse. The air
catches my breath.
- Tasneem

The pleased farmer knew
nothing about missing fowls, from
our joyful belches.
- Max

The first monsoon blows
high white clouds that bear no rain.
Not all winds bring change.
- me

Winds of change can just
be wished, when and how long, is
ah, a mystery?
- Max

Rain clouds wink and
hurry on - delayed desire -
who is the piper?
- Alaka

The monkey biscuit
tree readies clumps of seeds for
the wind to carry.
- Alaka

Delayed desire
intensifies craving. Love
never is 'quick-fix'.
- Max

Desire, reddened
the heart, what bleeds is only
the song of longing.
- Dipalle


Max Babi said…
C'est absolutement magnifique, Ozzie, mon garcon !
Merci beaucoup pour la travails...


nuzhat said…
Walking through "Rumia" has been an enchanting experience. Keep painting the walls of Rumia with more colours and i will come back to soak in some glitter and magic.
Ozymandias said…
Max and Nuzhat, I am humbled by your appreciation. Do keep encouraging and criticising, so I become better and better as a writer.
Ozymandias said…
But it's Autumn in the south:
Hawthorn hedge, red-berried,
Draws thrushes to its depth.

Pandora, twitching whiskers in the shade,
Stalks and pounces,
Missing yet again.

The siskin sees me,
Screams for cat food,
I comply.

Fruity, fat, contented.


(from Monica Silvia Cassels by email)
Ozymandias said…
Laburnum, golden death:
Peace beyond eternal,
Burning summer.

(from Monica Silvia Cassels by email)
Ozymandias said…
rainfall on tin roofs
invokes sad dark reverie
the moon cut in half.

i'm pregnant with laudanum
i dream summer skies
through stained-glass eyelids.

(from Laura T. by email)

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