Interesting (or ominous) coincidences

This has been an interesting month. A rather nasty one for some chaps in the subcontinent with a name beginning Pra-, especially if it was Prakash. For example:

'Prachanda' had to resign as Nepal's prime minister on May 4 after losing his parliamentary majority after a botched attempt to sack the army chief. And he is now in fear of his life because

the monster of Sri Lanka Prabhakaran lost his life on May 18 after a 30 year insurgency aimed at establishing a independent Tamil state, but which later became a gun-running, drug-smuggling terrorist enterprise.

Prakash Karat had to eat crow on May 16 as results for the 15th Lok Sabha indicated that the Left had lost Kerala and West Bengal. He might be staring at political oblivion, after being the most powerful man in India in 2007. Prakash Javadekar (BJP spokesman) was looking sullen-faced fielding media queries, after the NDA got a battering in the same election.

Pravin Amre's side, the Mumbai Indians, got chucked out of the Indian Premier League semi-finals.

Prakash Ambedkar got whupped in the Lok Sabha elections from the Akola seat on 16 April (votes counted 16 May), putting something of an end to the RPI. Suresh Prabhu lost the next week to Nilesh Rane.

Prakash Mehra died of pneumonia on 17 May.

Luckily my name does not begin with Pra-.


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