Meanderings in May

Two-leaf sprouts from
damp patches sway, sing, pull
faces like KG kids.
- Max

The seedling stocks
bitter alkaloids. innocence
is soon depleted.
- me

Never bearing fruit,
its leaves presented
an autumn orange fall.
The lone almond tree
stood old but tall.
- Lakshmi

Soulless bodies living
in matchbox houses.
Floating lilies of
a stagnant pond.
- Nuzhat

I'd rather stay a
frog in my well, there are flies
outsides, and snakes too.
- me

A six by three box
will with infinite patience
turn me into dust.
- Max

I wander in life.
Dead my ashes will float in
a running river.
- me

We mark, measure,
acquire, treasure,
then try to let go.
- Alaka

Crows and humans seem
more intelligent when their
mouths are firmly shut.
- me

Words cause discord, strife,
war, words record beastly acts.
Man better sans words.
- Max

The dogs at Wagah
recognize neither
India nor Pakistan,
but they dare not
ruffle the packs in
the next village.
- me

Indian fish in Pakistan
and vice versa,
are relished.
But fishermen straying far,
languish in jail,
at times returning to see
grandchildren wed.
- Max

My silence is just
a sepulchral echo, of
an urban breakdown.
- Max

The city is magic,
is voodoo - hopeful lives
enter, zombies leave.
- me

Wear my slimy silent
greenish suit,
navigating through
the urban maze.
Keeps me
scratch free. :-)
- Nuzhat

Urban cats pounce on
my soul, each scratch fermenting
a miasma blue.
- Max

I'm not afraid of
scratches, each scar is a brush-
stroke of time's portrait.
- me

Night writes cynical
senryus, but wait for morning,
haikus will blossom.
- me


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