Signs of our times

Got these in my mail as a forward.

I remember Ajit Ninan from the time he used to draw for Target - a popular teenage magazine in the 80s and early 90s. Mooch and Pooch were his most famous characters, who solved crimes by literally stumbling on the criminal, in a manner reminiscent of Shikari Shambhu. Sad that the magazine closed.

A take on Slumdog Millionaire.

A take on both Satyam and the shoe-throwing mania.

Another take on Satyam.

Corporate lay-offs in the name of recession.

Our esteemed neighbour.

Another take on the recession.

On pre-election alliances.

Man, twenty years later he still retains his distinct style. And I guess he will in time take over from Laxman, as he moves towards retirement.


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