Summer is still here

Night clouds shine red with
pollution, the city's busy
watching TV.
- me

City on this side,
red clouds above, stars' time-
less bloodgames beyond.
- Max

I wake to morning's
symphony, the koel leads.
the sparrows chorus.
- me

Early morning bird-
fest, appears rather like
a parliament.
- Max

It takes me seventeen
syllables to say something,
it takes her none.
- me

One cold look from her
and my seventeen syllables
crumble into dust.
- Max

The morning breeze wakes
me up, then leaves me alone
in searing stillness.
- me

Searing stillness
portends a lull before the
storm: we can just wait.
- Max

Fresh dewdrops wake me
up, then vaporize to come
back as dripping sweat.
- me

Sweat often seems like
tears shed by a dumb skin -
hassled, scared, witless.
- Max

Breeze, the balm supreme
for skin lacerated by
sun's merciless glare.
- Max


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