My even more perfumed garden

Today's evening walk yielded two more discoveries.

This is the Yellow Trumpet flower (Adenocalymna comosum), that grows in the wasteland just outside the hedge. Large yellow tubular flowers, not unlike the Yellow Bells or the Yellow Oleander in shape, though the leaf-shapes are different. Wonder why so many of them have to bloom at the same time.

The other one is a flower familiar at home, for it is used for religious purposes. It grows right next to the yellow trumpet, right inside the hedge. I would lump it under the rubric of Jasmine (Tamil malligai), but this is a special one - called Crape Jasmine (Tabernaemontana divaricata; Hindi chandni; Tamil nandiyarvattai).

This is another variant of the above, with more petals. It grows on a different hedge in our garden, and the English name seems to be Flore Pleno.

Picture Credits:- Flowers of India.


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