Dahanu Slow

{The ones in bold can also be read separately as Virar Fast}

There was an Old Woman of Churchgate
Who was worried about the Birth Rate.
She's hand out a condom
To people at random -
That capricious Old Woman of Churchgate.

There was a Lady of Marine Lines
Who subsisted chiefly on green vines.
With radishes to munch
She'd spend hours at lunch -
That ruminant Lady of Marine Lines.

There was a Young Man of Charni Road
Whose proposals always were vetoed -
When his bosses would shout
And threaten to clout.
That cowed the Young Man of Charni Road.

There was an Old Woman of Grant Road
Who carried about her no scant load -
Seven lorry tyres
And six miles of wires -
That jumbo Old Woman of Grant Road.

There was a Man of Mumbai Central
Who could not tell dorsal from ventral.
He'd stand on his head
When he slept on his bed -
That batty Man of Mumbai Central.

There was a Man of Mahalakshmi
Who was blessed by the Goddess Lakshmi.
He never lost a bet
To the thoroughbred set -
That horsy Man of Mahalakshmi.

There was a Man of Lower Parel
Who thought he would organise a sale.
He sold canine shampoo
Three for the price of two -
That dogged Man of Lower Parel.

There was a Man of Elphinstone Road
Who forever left his lawn unmowed.
He raised garden lizards
Which he sold to wizards -
That saurian Man of Elphinstone Road.

There was a Young Woman of Dadar
Who set out to look for her father.
But she sat up in bed
And ate misal instead -
That piggish Young Woman of Dadar.

There was a Man of Matunga Road
Whose neighbours were very much harrowed.
He would lash out at whim
At those who approached him -
That waspish Man of Matunga Road.

There was a Gentleman of Mahim
Who would wake up when it was still dim.
He would play music loud
And potter about proud -
That cocky Gentleman of Mahim.

There was an Old Woman of Bandra
Who was a right royal cassandra.
She prophesied gloom
And everyone's doom -
That catty Old Woman of Bandra.

There was an Old Woman of Khar Road
Who undertook to lay a tar road.
She paved it with borax
And sealed it with beeswax -
That apian Old Woman of Khar Road.

There was an Old Man of Santacruz
Who subsisted chiefly on cheap booze.
He would square his shoulders
To carry great boulders -
That asinine Old Man of Santacruz.

There was a man of Ville Parle
Who insisted on polite parley.
He'd stubbornly refuse
To tolerate abuse -
That mulish man of Ville Parle.

There was an Old Man of Andheri
Of whom all the butchers were wary.
He stole their live chickens
And left them some lemons
That foxy Old Man of Andheri.

There was a Man of Jogeshwari
Who told his wife never to worry
If he fed upon nuts
And cigarette butts -
That squirrelly Man of Jogeshwari.

There was a Man of Oshiwara
Who kept a small pet capybara.
He fed it on leather
Which they gnawed together -
That rodent Man of Oshiwara.

There was a Woman of Goregaon
Who'd daily drink one Blue Curacaõ.
She had it with oilseeds
Mixed together with reeds -
That bird-brained Woman of Goregaon.

There was a Young Lady of Malad
Who mainly ate organic salad -
Fresh spinach and yam
With taro leaf jam -
That bovine Young Lady of Malad.

There was a Man of Kandivali
Who was pugnacious naturally.
He was ready to fight
For what he thought was right -
That hawkish Man of Kandivali.

There was a Man of Borivali
Who needed nothing much re-ally.
he practised ahimsa
And survived on hilsa -
That fishy Man of Borivali.

There was a Young Man of Dahisar
Who could withstand excessive pressure.
He strode like a Goliath,
juggernaut, behemoth -
That mammoth Young Man of Dahisar.

There was an Old Man of Mira Road
Who'd immigrated there from Dahod.
He wore striped pyjamas
And prowled around dramas -
That tigerish Old Man of Mira Road.

There was an Old Man of Bhayander
Who thought he would migrate Down Under.
To carry his couch
He sewed on a pouch -
That marsupial Old Man of Bhayander.

There was an Old Woman of Naigaon
Who thought that her era was bygone.
She would crow about days
When men had better ways -
That corvine Old Woman of Naigaon.

There was a Woman of Vasai Road,
Who sold crustaceans on the high road.
If little boys teased her
It would not have pleased her -
That crabby Woman of Vasai Road.

There was a Man of Nala Sopara
Who visited the Masai Mara.
He thought that the wildlife
Was better than his life -
That wormy man of Nala Sopara.

There was a Gentleman of Virar,
Whose conduct was considered bizarre.
He bought heads of cattle
And sold them by raffle -
That bullish gentleman of Virar.

There was an Old Man of Vaitarna
Who sat on an indefinite dharna.
But he gave up his fast
When his wife made breakfast -
That hen-pecked Old Man of Vaitarna.

There was an Old Man of Saphale
Who said, "Aga, atta kay zale?"
So he climbed up a tree
And ate mangoes for free -
That monkeyish Old Man of Saphale.

There was a Young Man of Kelve Road
Who studied the national railway code.
Early in the morning
He'd raise a false warning -
That larky Young Man of Kelve Road.

There was a Young Lady of Palghar
Who said that the signs did not augur
For her to go out
And wander about -
That mousy Young Lady of Palghar.

There was an Old Man of Umroli
Whose appearance was very holy.
Of his devotees' cash
He made quite a big stash -
That spongy Old Man of Umroli.

There was a Gentleman of Boisar
Who if anyone called out "Hoy Sir!"
He'd feel rather ashamed
And easily be tamed -
That chicken-hearted Gentleman of Boisar.

There was a Young Lady of Vangaon
Who went to bed daily at sundown.
She would wake up early
And eat rice and barley -
That columbine Young Lady of Vangaon.

There was a Man of Dahanu Road
who devised of trading a new mode.
when others were selling
His fortunes were swelling -
That bearish Man of Dahanu Road.


Sunisha said…
There was a Young man from Thane
Who'd churn up ideas @ lightning speed
He'd recite poems like a canary
Throw words unknown to the dictionary
That verbose Young Man of Thane

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