Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 1

I am thinking to write the bad poetries
But I am not knowing because
I am thinking all of my poetries
Are good poetries only.
I am good in English, no
With 85% marks in Board examinations
And getting full marks in oral spelling.
And I am having the good imagination also
As many good friends are saying.
So why I to be writing the bad poetries?
Whatever I am writing is so good, no?
Or atleast that is what good friends
Are all very sincerely saying.
But am I to be trusting my good friends
Who did not getted 85% in English
In Board examinations like I getted?
Not that I am doubting the sincerity
Of my good friends - that is surely sin -
But they are not of same calibre
as I am being no?
So I think I am not writing the bad poetries
But writing the good poetries only.


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