Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 10

This poem is not cool.

You see, this poem
is a bit enthusiastic
about wanting to express
itself in more
than monosyllables.
the poet cannot say the
reader will not receive
it with anything more
than coolness.

This poem is not cool.

That's because this poem
like many other
poems actually cares about
the reader and his
ideas, frets about
corruption and hunger
and whether there will
be nuclear disarmament.
That's probably because
the poet is not
cool enough to
not care about these

This poem is not cool.

It doesn't have an attitude
(which is a curious
way of saying arrogant).
it is trying not to
make a point because
you see,
the poet has been told,
making a point
implies attitude.
And the poet is not
trying to do anything
of the sort.

So this poem is not cool.


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