Castles in the air - they are so easy to take refuge in. And so easy to build, too.

आम्हां घरी धन शब्दांचीच रत्नें | शब्दांचीच शस्त्रें यत्न करुं ||
शब्द चि आमुच्या जीवांचे जीवन | शब्दें वांटूं धन जनलोकां ||
तुका म्हणे पाहा शब्द चि हा देव | शब्द चि गौरव पूजा करुं ||
- abhang of Tukaram Wolhoba Ambile of Dehu

There's No Freedom Like That of a Child's Imagination

கடலுக்கு உண்டு கற்பனைக்கு இல்லை கட்டுப்பாடு

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 11

I am telling story
of what is happening to me
one day in train.

I am having booking for
Janshatabdi Express
from Thane to Madgaon.
Scenery from window is nice only
because I am travelling
just after monsoon, see,
and the mountain is covered with
the green trees of so many

I am seeing deep rivers
with crystal-clear water
that is running over white
pebbles and making
gurgling sound as train
is going over bridge,
picturesque villages (what a
big word I am finding spelling
from dictionary, ji),
beautiful sunrise over the
and I am getting sad
that humans are doing
damage by doing their
shockings by the railway
tracks, chhee chhee.

Train is reaching to Roha
and I am having garam-garam
vada pav and chai
for the brakfast.
And I am then seeing
more more scenery
till Chiplun is coming.

I took window ticket only
for the scenery
and so much magaj-mari
because one child is sitting already
when train arrive in Thane
and I am having to fight
with the boy's father
to get my reserved seat
for wehich I paid full fifteen
rupees over and above
the ticket price,
so why I am to let go?

But baat yeh hai, ji -
I am waking at 4 AM only
to get ready and catch
the bus to station,
so when Chiplun
is coming I am feeling very
drowsy and ultimately
I am sleeping rest of journey.


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