Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 12

Today I am go to Delhi.
I am having time,
so I am go to see
sightseeing of
Delhi places -
Humayun tomb, lotus temple,
1857 monument I am see from
outside only.
I am taking joyride in
Metro and I am seeing so many
small house, I to feeling
Delhi bigger slum
than Dharavi,
no offence intended.

But very striking I
am seeing the Jantar Mantar.
It was mean to be astronomical
instruments built on
maharaja scale by an astronomer
who also
happen to be maharaja.
But I am seeing that people
are think buildings with steps
and marble flooring are
one gigantic chhupa-chhupi
for tourist to play
in and take photo in
all kind of poses
(some are so obscene chhee)
and are leaving
khali chips packet and
pichka-hua water bottle.

I am later go to one shop
to ask for the pineapple juice
but shopkeeper is so
interest to talking to
his friend
he is not hear me only,
leave alone respond.
So I am doing without
juice only.
With that my Delhi day-trip
is come to close.


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