Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 3

This is an ego-friendly poem.

It is not trying to make a point
because it admits that you,
dear reader, have a point
and it will not contest that.

This poem is not trying to
say anything new because
it concedes to you that
talent, that right.

It will criticise nobody
for who better than you,
dear reader, to make
a judgment?

Neither does this poem
praise anyone, not even
you, dear reader, because
that again is a form of
and that is best left
to you.

It is not even trying
to do something smart
because, again,
who is smarter than you,
dear reader?

This poem will not even
claim that it is an ego-friendly
That too is judgmental,
is it not,
and that function,
is yours alone,
dear reader.

So this tries to be an ego-friendly poem.


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