Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 6

I am hearing, ji, that one person
is get dismiss from party
for praising of Jinnah.
Arre, why you are fight
over the past history?
Jo ho gaya, so ho gaya, no?
Many other good reason for
dismissing no -
he not praising my new sherwani,
he not coming to my daughter wedding,
he talking to enemy party madam.

Why you talk of Jinnah and
That is partition jo ho gaya.
There is many more -
in people's head.
Brahmin vs dalit vs thakur,
sikh vs jain vs christian,
ameer vs gareeb vs middle class:
everyone wanting separate
country, maybe not
saying loudly.
Who writing books on that?

But there is no partition
when impressing young girls.
That day I am seeing -
one girl too lazy,
too impatient
to buy ticket
is give money to passenger
to pass to conductor
who is at other end.
Whole bus is helping, ji -
all mens are rising to occasion:
young, old, hindu, muslim,
fit, fat, rich, poor,
hero, zero - all type mens
wanting to help young lady.
Maybe I write book on that.

What do you say, ji?


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