Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 7

Other day I am hearing
that one neighbour-lady
is going to beauty parlour
to get hair oiled and combed.
No, no, no facial or manicure,
just hair-combing.
She paid hundred rupees for it.
I am thinking to myself only,
new new things are getting outsourced.

I am imagining how much big
hair-combing outsorcing industry
will ever become?
I am calculating based on
numbers from Wikipedia only.
30% people are poor,
I think they are going to
comb their own hair.

300 million are middle class
and upper class. Some 50%
of those must be kanjoos and not
going to go for outsourcing
but be cruel to their wives
and make them comb their own hair.

That is leaving 150 million people
who maybe outsourcing hair-combing.
More than population of
Russia or Japan.
Everyday they are spending
hundred rupees only for
oiling and combing.
Two days it is staying.

So every month thousand
five hundred per person
for oiling and combing
hair. Into 150 million.
Must be lots of money.

Arre, thank you, madamji.
You are making new frontiers
for our economy to grow.


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