Kalyan Fast

There was an Old Man of CST
Who shunned the trains and BEST.
So he'd travel by cab,
The first he could grab -
That slothful old man of CST.

There was an Old Man of Byculla
Who found a celestial nebula.
He watched many a night
Till he found it all right -
That owlish Old Man of Byculla.

There was an Old Woman of Dadar
Who thought she descended from Babar.
She kept sixteen porters
And roared at her daughters -
That leonine woman of Dadar.

There was a Young lady of Kurla
Who used obscure words like mandorla.
She'd prattle on and on
Till the sun was long gone -
That parroty Young Lady of Kurla.

There was an Old Man of Ghatkopar
Who was considered a no-hoper.
He would run for cover
At the first rain-shower -
That sheepish Old Man of Ghatkopar.

There was a Gentleman of Thane
On whom all the girls would mar jane,
He'd a heart made of gold,
He was kind to the old -
That human Gentleman of Thane.

There was a Man of Dombivali
Who was lanky unnaturally.
His body was twiglike
And his limbs were threadlike -
That spidery Man of Dombivali.

There was an Old Lady of Kalyan
Who preferred everything be cyan.
She said that it calmed her
During stormy weather -
That rabbity Old Lady of Kalyan.


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