Virar Fast

There was an Old Woman of Churchgate
Who was worried about the Birth Rate.
She's hand out a condom
To people at random -
That capricious Old Woman of Churchgate.

There was a Man of Mumbai Central
Who could not tell dorsal from ventral.
He'd stand on his head
When he slept on his bed -
That batty Man of Mumbai Central.

There was a Young Woman of Dadar
Who set out to look for her father.
But she sat up in bed
And ate misal instead -
That piggish Young Woman of Dadar.

There was an Old Woman of Bandra,
Who was a right royal cassandra.
She prophesied gloom
And everyone's doom -
That catty Old Woman of Bandra.

There was an Old Man of Andheri
Of whom all the butchers were wary.
He stole their live chickens
And left them some lemons
That foxy Old Man of Andheri.

There was a Man of Borivali
Who needed nothing much re-ally.
he practised ahimsa
And survived on hilsa -
That fishy Man of Borivali.

There was an Old Man of Bhayander
Who thought he would migrate Down Under.
To carry his couch
He sewed on a pouch -
That marsupial Old Man of Bhayander.

There was a Woman of Vasai Road,
Who sold crustaceans on the high road.
If little boys teased her
It would not have pleased her -
That crabby Woman of Vasai Road.

There was a Gentleman of Virar,
Whose conduct was considered bizarre.
He bought heads of cattle
And sold them by raffle -
That bullish gentleman of Virar.


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