Poems received by SMS

Bohemia: a
no frills approach to one's
basic instincts.
- Laxmi

The city ppl, what
with all their bright
colours and
characteristics come
to the villages
where order is
perfect, down to its
working lev-
els ands this sudden
brush of buses pass
by. Now and then.
As a matter of
disrupting order
with their loud
decibels and tactics.
Camera and cell
phone equ-
ipped, english
speaking populous
oblivious of how ppl
can live here. I'm
one of them.

- June Bug

They watch,
not gawking,
villagers wid
monochrome unruf-
fled lives, as
polychrome bruit
descends, a swoosh
of arrival. Citybred
moths flit abt
bustling, alien
syllables clatterng,
unable to absorb-
me too.

- Max

11...Green monsters
grew in size,
suddenly u wre
besiegedby admirers
frm sporting cousins
to tall dark likeble
scholars u bumped
in2 at ashrams. I
ate my heart

- Max


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