Drops: an exchange between poets

A dolphin splash drop upon the blue ocean,
A midnight dew drop upon the grass flower,
A bouncing rain drop upon the lotus leaf,
A drop, one of a million, million moments in one.

- Hershal Pandya

In a drop one can
see a rainbow, can one do
that with the ocean?

- me

Drops that make the ocean -

one from from the tears of a woman betrayed,
one from dew on a fresh-blossomed petal,
one from the blood of a fallen tyrant,
one from the drool of a child beholding sweets,
one from the labour of an unknown ryot,
one from the wrath of a vengeful storm.

- me

Just inches below the placid surface,
an oceam teems with a phantasmagoria of colours!

- Max

Disgusting smells, soul crushing noise,
people clamouring with needs,
painted smiles with limited sincerity
doling out humanity drop by miserable drop.

- Max


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