An exchange across languages

I got this Gujarati poem:-

હલકો ગુલાબી કોક દી, તૉ કોક દી ઘેરો કાળો|
ભરચક વાદળિયો કોક દી, તો કોક દી ચમકતો તારો|
તૂ પચરંગ આકાશ ચે હર દી, અને હૂ ઉત્સૂક બાળો|

- by Hershal Pandya,

forwarded to me by Max. This is what it means:-

Somedays you're light pink and some days you're dense black.
Some days studded with clouds, somedays you're a lone sparkling star.
Everyday you're a multicolored sky, and I'm just an eager child.

And this is my response, in Tamil:

நீ அழுதால் முத்தார் ஓடும்
நீ சிரித்தால் கல்யாணி ராகம்.
உன் மௌன முகம்
உரு சொல் இல்லாதப் பாட்டு,
உன் புன்னகையால்
வசந்தம் இனிக்கும்.
நீ எது செய்தாலும்,
அதில் நான்
ஒரு காவியம் படைப்பேன்.

If you cry a river of pearls will run,
If you laugh it's raag Kalyani.
Your silent face
is a song without words,
Your smile makes spring sweet.
Whatever you do,
I will found a poem in it.


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