Castles in the air - they are so easy to take refuge in. And so easy to build, too.

आम्हां घरी धन शब्दांचीच रत्नें | शब्दांचीच शस्त्रें यत्न करुं ||
शब्द चि आमुच्या जीवांचे जीवन | शब्दें वांटूं धन जनलोकां ||
तुका म्हणे पाहा शब्द चि हा देव | शब्द चि गौरव पूजा करुं ||
- abhang of Tukaram Wolhoba Ambile of Dehu

There's No Freedom Like That of a Child's Imagination

கடலுக்கு உண்டு கற்பனைக்கு இல்லை கட்டுப்பாடு

Monday, April 12, 2010


Ray Charles. Dead babies. Greek flags.
Queen Victoria's hemophiliac children.

Flute-playing, demon-slaying, gopi-charmer.
Films by actresses fallen from grace.

The depth of oceans, the height of skies.
Avatar. Krzysztof Kieslowski trilogy.

Morning glory, violets, venomous toads.
Naval camouflage. Police uniforms.

Viagra. Prozac. The venom of cobras.
David's star. The fifth throat chakra.



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