The ghost of molecular biology past

A really funny thing happened to me today. I walk into office (running late as usual), and my officemates are busy checking up on a website called btjunkie. Now what was my first reaction?

I see bt, and what first jumps into my mind is Cry1Ac, that good old gene from Bacillus thuringiensis. Yes, the same guy that when prefixed to brinjal or cotton provokes Greenpeace to red war. And then junkie, which I suppose translates loosely to aficionado. Trust me, I thought btjunkie was a site for trading bt crops, or some kind of forum for those who just love Cry1Ac in their food (honest!).

But it was just the ghost of my molecular biological past coming back to haunt me. It turns out to be the biggest BitTorrent search engine. Duh! Make that double duh! Duh duh duh! BitTorrent. That is bt?

Now I get this niggling suspicion that more readers of this post are going to head off to the Bit Torrent search engine than to wiki Cry1Ac.


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