The eternal bosom of hot love

Rarely does the Economist have anything funny in it's pages (Witty, yes. Funny, no.), but this one is. It's not witty. But it is funny, largely because it is true. Here's an excerpt:

Title-fluffing is as rampant among the indians as among the chiefs. America’s International Association of Administrative Professionals—formerly the National Secretaries Association—reports that it has more than 500 job-titles under its umbrella, ranging from front-office co-ordinator to electronic-document specialist. Paper boys are “media distribution officers”. Binmen are “recycling officers”. Lavatory cleaners are “sanitation consultants”. Sandwich-makers at Subway have the phrase “sandwich artist” emblazoned on their lapels. Even the normally linguistically pure French have got in on the act: cleaning ladies are becoming “techniciennes de surface” (surface technicians).

I agree with the Economist as it says the disease is spreading to India. I am myself 'Brand Design Associate' where I work. With a possible promotion to 'Senior Brand Design Associate'. But perhaps, as my sister says, I am just a 'Bada Dumb Admi'.

But read the original here. It's a lot more fun!

And for some more fun from the Economist, here's a map making fun of Europe:


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