A literary gem

I rarely comment on current affairs in this blog (for which I have Lone and Level Sands), but this piece by Nicholas D. Kristof is more literary than political. Coming from an author who is rather romantic and activist, this piece is richly cynical, and delightfully sardonic.

Here's an excerpt:

Critics may also protest the expense of royalty. But we could save on housing by having royals stay in the castles at Disneyland and Disney World. In any case, think of royalty as an investment that could bring in billions of dollars in tourist revenue.

If we choose well and adopt royals who are prone to scandal, we might also give a much-needed boost to the newspaper industry. A particularly fecund couple might offer the prospect of regular royal weddings, with sales of enough commemorative kitsch to balance the federal budget.

Rare is it to see a damning critique of both American capitalism and European royalty in the same breath, and yet uproariously funny.

You must read the whole thing. I have never seen an appeal for constitutional reform that is so wickedly, perversely convincing!


Shigune Matsui said…
Ahh, constructive criticism, you say? Yes, it is a very helpful thing, and especially lets its readers in on its advice. I'm happy to see you stumble upon this comment.

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