The Telegrapher OR How to build an Empire

This is an experiment with writing a story entirely as telegrams. It is based on an Indian Army legend of the Afghan war told by my father. I was particularly impressed with the emphasis paid to salary disbursal at the height of fighting. I’m not sure which Afghan war, for I cannot trace any historical archive of the incident. The telegrams are all addressed to the Imperial Headquarters at Calcutta, from the Afghan Frontier.

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Here goes:-

Reinforcements arrived Landi Kotal fortress. Seventeen officers, seven hundred men. Scouts dispatched. Colonel Sanderson. 14 July, 5 PM.

Fortress on high ground. Overlooks Khyber. Afridis cooperative. Col. Sanderson. 20 July 5 PM.

Pass secured. Defences mounted. Rations for three months. Col. Sanderson. 25 July 5 PM.

Telegrapher tower top. Movements across frontier. Col. Sanderson. 25 July 5 PM.

Afghans assembling west of Khyber. Three thousand infantry. Col. Sanderson. 27 July, 5 PM.

Van at saddle. Forty men. Ghurkhas. Col. Sanderson. 28 July, 5PM.

Skirmishes at frontier. Three fallen. Urge reinforcements. Col. Sanderson. 29 July, 3 PM.

Van overcome. No quarter given. Urging Battalion at Peshawar advance. Col. Sanderson 29 July, 9 PM.

Going to men. Fortress besieged. Corp. Dulai Ram will telegraph. Col. Sanderson. 30 July, 6 AM.

Whither reinforcements? Seige continued. Four down. Telegrapher. 30 July, 5 PM.

Seige holding. Six down. Telegrapher. 31 July, 6 AM.

Outer north wall weakening. Gunpowder running low. Telegrapher. 31 July, 3 PM.

Outer north wall sapped. Eighteen. Reinforcements urged. Afghans four thousand plus. Telegrapher. 31 July, Midnight.

Inner north wall holding. Outer South wall breached. Six. Telegrapher. 1 August, 5 AM.

Salaries disbursed. Maj. Withers fallen east wall. Nine men. Afridis defected. Col. Sanderson. 1 August, 9 AM.

Outer south wall sapped. East wall undermined. Lt. Johnson, thirty-three. Telegrapher. 1 August, 10 AM.

Inner north wall breached. West wall holding. Gunned at east wall, Capt. Millikan, seventy-three. Where reinforcements? Telegrapher. 1 August, Noon.

Topkhana blown. Dynamite exhausted. Cartridges seized Afghans. Telegrapher. 1 August, 1 PM.

Maj. Saunders, Capt. Wilkins, Capt. Morgan, forty-five men east wall. Telegrapher. 1 August, 4 PM.

Afghan mules destroyed west wall. Gunpowder finished. Telegrapher. 1 August, 5 PM.

Lt. Col. Montmorency, thirty-nine men inner south wall. All defences breached. Telegrapher. 1 August, 7 PM.

Temporary truce. Afghans surrender terms. No quarters given. Telegrapher. 1 August, 8 PM.

Men vote. Fight to death. Maj. Rawlings, Lt. Muckerjey sixteen men. Rations seized. Telegrapher. 1 August, 9 PM.

North flank Capt. Clowdisley, Capt. Grierson, Lt. Perkins, One hundred fifty-three men. Captured and slaughtered. Telegrapher. 1 August, 10 PM.

Central citadel defended by three hundred. Lt. Michelin, Sixty fallen east wall. Telegrapher. 1 August, 11 PM.

West wall gunned. Lt. Thatcher, Twenty-three. Telegrapher. 1 August, Midnight.

Col. Sanderson, Lt. Sprightly, fourteen men east citadel gate.. Telegrapher. 2 August, 2 AM.

Maj. Lawley Command. Seventy-nine. Final fight. Telegrapher. 2 August, 4 AM.

Eighty-three, east gate breached. West gate thirteen. Telegrapher. 2 August, 6 AM.

Maj. Lawley fallen. Nineteen. Afghans stalled below tower. Bayonetting. Telegrapher. 2 August, 7 AM.

Tower entered. Twenty four. Telegrapher. 2 August, 8 AM.

Three men standing. Afghan commander bayoneted by Sgt. Ramgulam. Telegrapher. 2 August, 9 AM.

Sgt. Ramgulam, Pvt. Joti Persaud fallen. Am last survivor. Telegrapher. 2 August, 9 AM.

This last telegraph. Picking up gun. Long live the Queen! Telegrapher. 2 August, 9 AM.


Afghans pushed back from fortress. Telegraph recovered. Six thousand infantry, horse and guns. Brig. Josephson. 2 August, 5 PM.

Landi Kotal Avenged. Afghans surrender. Brig. Josephson. 7 August, 5 PM.

509 words (telegrams only).


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