Dying for Snake Gourd

People say non-veg food is tastier than vegetarian food, but those are just the ignorant ones who have not met my mother. For what she can do with a bit of pepper, coconut and snake gourd, the Chinese cannot do with their snakes and exotic sauces. Because after just a few spoonfuls of her snake gourd curry, you'll have tears in your eyes and will promise to be a good human being all your life if you can only have a couple of spoonfuls more.

It takes a few juicy snake gourds fresh from the market, a handful of chana dal, some coarsely ground black pepper, grated coconut in dollops and a few other spices. The snake gourd is cut into slices and quartered, and then boiled until tender along with the dal. By which time the spices are ready for the tadka. Once the spices are lightly roasted, bung them in, and allow the mixture to blend and cook until thick.

You have it with plain, boiled rice. Spread the rice on your plate (or banana leaf preferably), and soup a ladleful of snake gourd curry over it. Pray that my mother will have a long life so she can make it, and that your karma will be good enough for you to merit some of the curry again. Then begin to eat, every morsel with utmost reverence.

That's because as the old saying goes:
the British think the Irish can't cook; the french think the British can't cook; the rest of the world thinks the French can't cook; my mother knows that the rest of the world can't cook.

Happy Mother's Day


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