The Brandenburg Concertos

What the six Brandenburg Concertos do to you is this.

They simply fill you with music, surrounding you, isolating you, gently teasing you away from your cares into their Elysium;
they permeate every nerve, till each has become, as Khusrau wrote, a taut string vibrating with the sound of the universe itself;
they at once excite and becalm, distress and elate, arrest and move;
they hurt you, they make you feel small before the universe
and then they heal you and make you one with the universe.

Add to the experience your hormones coursing adrenaline and testosterone,
and sleep deprivation and the flush of success
and the inebriation of starvation mixed with coffee
 - something strange happens,
you are at a sudden high of consciousness, at once depressed and euphoric,
for a fleeting minute - nirvana.

Brandenburg Concerto no. 6


bela said…
Yes. Yes, indeed!

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