Learn Tulu - Lesson 59

This is additional material that I've collected, unrelated to the original 58 OurKarnataka.com lessons. These are links to two apps and some websites with simple, conversational material in Roman script:

A good place to start learning:

EasyTulu.com with ~40 lessons

Other Web Resources:

1. Simple phrases and some vocabulary at Thiya Welfare
2. A seven day learning guide at raveeshkumar.com
3. Conversational Tulu at Gunapala Alva's blog
4. Some more conversations, with grammatical notes at LearnKannada.in
5. Comparative phrases in Kannada, Tulu and Konkani at Mangalore.com
6. Very basic vocabulary and phrases at languageshome.in
7. A more extensive vocabulary at the Tech Mangalore blog
8. A quick look at the old Tulu script at Omniglot.com
9. A historical and dialectical perspective at developschools.org
10. A longish discussion on the old Tulu script, also at developschools.org
11. Some discussions on Tulu grammar, again at developschools.org (and follow the blog from thereon)

The full text of the 1886 TULU-ENGLISH dictionary by  Rev. A. Manner, printed at the Basel Mission Press


1. Learn Tulu Quickly: basic vocabulary and phrases
2. iLearn Kannada : Tulu — very basic phrases
3. Tulu Hit Songs

I will add more links and resources as I find time.


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