Archaeogiri — a Review

Archaeogiri cover

Archaeogiri is a much-needed book in the space of Indian history and archaeology. Taking potshots at the practices of archaeology, the interpretations of various 'schools' of history and historiography, the casuistry and bogus sophistry that passes for intellectualism (such as this review) and the outright lies peddled by half-baked 'historians' with full-baked agendas — Shubha Khandekar spares nothing and nobody. Deftly combining the scholarship of Sarum and the satirical genius of Draynefleete a Revisited, Archaeogiri, though a slim volume, raises a new standard. Her cartoons about digging for gold based on a godman's dreams are particularly poignant.

Archaeogiri is a must read for those who believe an irreverent take on our all too serious pursuit of history is a vital counterpoint. It is even more mandatory reading for those who do take themselves deadly seriously, for not only does it include masterful cartoons, but also scholarly commentary stemming from her experiences as both a field archaeologist and a journalist.

ArchaeoGiri: The Bridge Between the Archaeologist and the Common Man


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