And got a good deed done to me

On Tuesday I did a good deed, rescuing a little crowlet and getting her sent to Karuna, the animal NGO. I had given the guy Rs. 100 for expenses, and as a donation to Karuna.

To my utter pleasant surprise, the very next morning, in less than 24 hours I had received a receipt for the donation by courier. So my Rs. 100 did reach Karuna, and will be put to use for some poor animal after all. Even if the man had kept it for personal use (which I believed he would), I wouldn't have minded. such men, that will travel long distances and battle angry crows to save a little life are rare. But such men, as the one I met on Tuesday, are rarer still.

May his tribe multiply!


pushpa said…
That was a fine gesture Ramesh...and there are many more finer tribes like him...we only have to trust them...don't you think so?...

keep writing..I have added you on my blog list and will be reading every entry that you make....
Pallavi said…
That was a very nice thing to do. What goes around, comes around.

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